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Hanwood Fish Hatchery

Suppliers of Australian Native Freshwater Fish Fingerlings


Producers of Quality Fish for Recreation and Aquaculture

Hanwood Fish Hatchery is one of Queensland largest freshwater fish hatcheries and is located in the South Burnett, 8km East of the township of Murgon on the Barambah Creek in the beautiful Redgate Valley. Established in 1987, we pride ourselves on being  a reliable supplier of quality freshwater fish fingerlings and offer delivery throughout Australia with competitive pricing.

Craig with bag of fingerlings from Hanwood Fish Hatchery in Redwood
Fingerling Release into Dam


Quality Australian Fresh Water Fish Fingerling Supplier

Hanwood Fish Hatchery Supplies quality fish fingerlings for Recreational Fish Stocking Groups, Grow Out Aquaculture, Farm Dams and Aquaponics. We offer a range of freshwater fish fingerlings at 40-50mm including Murray Darling Golden Perch, Fitzroy Dawson Golden Perch, Australian Bass, Silver Perch, Murray Cod, Mary River Cod, Jade Perch and Eel Tail Catfish.

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Popular Species

yellow belly

Golden Perch

Macquaria ambigua

australian bass

Australian Bass

Macquaria novemaculeata

Silver Perch Hanwood Fish Hatchery

Silver Perch

Bidyanus bidyanus

Cod Hanwood Fish Hatchery


Maccullochella peelii

Jade Perch Hanwood Fish Hatchery

Jade Perch

Scortum barcoo

Eel Tailed Catfish Hanwood Fish Hatchery-min

Eel Tail Catfish

Tandanus tandanus

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