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Fish for your farm dam on private property

Introducing Fish Fingerlings into your Farm Dam

If you are planning to introduce fish fingerlings into your own dam you must only introduce a species that already occurs naturally within the region. The reasons behind this are:

  • A permit is not required to stock private waters with species local to your region.
  • If local fish escape during a flood there will be few impacts on other local species and their habitat.
  • Local fish can survive local conditions.

Contact the Queensland Fisheries and ask for the brochure Stocking fish in farm dams and other waters on private land.

Craig with bag of fingerlings from Hanwood Fish Hatchery in Redwood

Popular Species

Popular species for stocking farm dams are Golden perch [Yellowbelly], Silver Perch, Australian Bass and Murray Cod. Murray cod are only suitable for very large dams.

If the water in your dam is suitable for stock to drink it is also suitable for native fish. Dams should be at least one metre deep. Stocking rates depend on surface area not volume or depth. Initially the fingerlings will feed on plankton and mosquito larvae which is naturally abundant in most water supplies, as the fish grow their diet will shift to yabbies, shrimp, insects, worms, etc. In properly stocked waters the natural food supply should be sufficient to support a healthy population of fish. General stocking rates are approximately 400 fish per hectare.

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