Jade Perch (Barcoo Grunter)

Scortum barcoo

Jade Perch (Barcoo Grunter)

Scortum barcoo

Jade perch or Barcoo Grunter are native to the Lake Eyre and Bulloo catchments. Can not be stocked out of this region, however they can be stocked into licensed aquaculture facilities for the on growing to sell to the restaurant trade. This species has developed into an important aquaculture species in Australia high in omega 3 fatty acid levels and has similar flesh qualities as Silver perch. Well suited and grow happily in aquaculture ponds and recirculating systems, they make excellent beginners species. Jades can’t tolerate cold temperatures but grow extremely fast in warmer conditions.

Freshwater Jade Perch


Jade perch are a medium to large size grunter species heavily built body and small head, silver/black with irregular black blotches. Common length is 25cm-40cm. In the wild they are usually found in turbid waters of large rivers and waterholes.

The name Jade perch was adopted by the Aquaculture Association of Queensland [AAQ] members as a preferred name for the on selling to the restaurant trade. “Jade Perch” comes from the jade colour seen along the dorsal area of the fin.

Jade perch can’t tolerate cold temperatures but grow relatively fast in warmer conditions. They are easily weaned onto pelleted fish feed and their feeding behaviour is normally vigorous to extreme. They stop feeding when water temperature gets below 18 degrees.

Habitat & Distribution

Jade Perch or Barcoo Grunter is an Australian native freshwater fish with a wide distribution found in the Lake Eyre, Bulloo and Bancannia river catchments. Wide spread over Central and Central Northern, Australia as well as the Roper and Macarthur rivers of the Northern Territory. They inhabit turbid water of large rivers and waterholes. Hatchery reared fingerlings have been released into Jericho waterholes, Jericho.


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